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Miniclip Hackathon . 2016

Event timeframe: 2 days


What is Truth in Legends?

. In this mobile 'Choose Your Own Adventure game', players read through stories (divided by chapters) and are given choices. Different choices take you different places, change other character’s attitudes toward you and each choice adds a "Karma Card" to your Karma deck. . At the most important points, the "Climaxes", instead of a choice you draw a random card from your Karma deck. The card type you draw determines the outcome of the scene.


Embark on a dangerous journey with Gwyn and her companions, Valion and Finch, in search of the cruel beast that torments their kingdom. Mind your choices or face dreadful consequences!


Commission Requirements
Art direction of the game and promotional video. The creation of the team logo, game logo, playable characters & respective facial animations, and 'Climax' illustrations.

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