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Miniclip Hackathon . 2015
Event timeframe: 2 days


What is Jive Heist?
. Stealth rhythm game
. 4-Player online multiplayer
. Guards vs Robbers
. Control multiple characters

What is the context?

Fitzgerald, the pharaoh, wakes up from his slumber to discover that most of his belongins have been taken to the museum! With the help of Maggie Jacklin - Anubis's minion - and Big Lou - his brother - they'll try to regain their stolen possessions by performing a heist. However, Old Man Jones and his faithful companion Dog Charles will have none of that.

"Search the museum by matching the beat, or the lights will turn on and Jones can easily spot you!"


Commission Requirements
The creation of all visual assets: UI, team logo, game logo, playable characters and their respective animations, background and items.


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