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Character Designs & Logo . 2019

Meet our Critical Titans. They’re inspired by our mission, what we stand for, and the work our people do helping to tackle some of the world’s biggest challenges.

Being a Critical Titan means pushing back the boundaries of technology to make an impact in our community and to the lives of millions. It’s about standing together, responding quickly, bravely and intelligently to solve problems.



Commission Requirements

Exploratory art style tests and development of concepts & final version of the team Critical Titans, Mr. Bug and robotic minions.



. Cortex - elder; mental powers
. Volt - youngest; super speed
. Zetta - bulky and tall; super strength

. Ingenio - tall and slim + blind; specialized in nano-technology
. Mr. Bug - hacking & nano-technology expert


Design the team/campaign logo.


Design a 'Critical Awards poster' to present at the campaign's launch, during Critical Software's anniversary. 

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