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Moonberry Studios  .  2012

Becca's Matching Game is based on the classic "memory" game of turning over matching tiles or cards, where toddlers are prompted to find pairs that match by image, color or association (such as cow/milk or rain/umbrella).

Rebecca the bunny guides the toddler and encourages progress, congratulating them for job well done.

Intuitive settings allow you fine-tune the app, ensuring a fun and challenging game throughout ages 2 to 5.

While having fun your children will also be developing and improving fine motor skills, speech and language skills as well as their cognitive capabilities and comprehension of the world around them.


Commission Requirements

The creation of the mascot of the game, Rebecca, 50 different card illustrations, interface structure, Moonberry Toddlers brand, iconography and backgrounds.


Becca's Gameplay by App Friday

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